Black & Indigenous Birthworkers of Delaware

Full Circle Traditional Doula

We support families throughout the full circle of life’s natural progressions from Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum to Healing and End of Life. We utilize traditional African and Diaspora modalities incorporating herbal & nutritional support.

Our Beliefs & Mission

We believe that supporting mothers and future mothers from a whole perspective and connecting families to the lost traditional modalities will create an environment of peace.

It is our mission to educate, advocate and support the entire family and community in the areas of fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, self-care healing, end of life, herbal & nutritional wellness.

How can we serve you?

Pregnancy & Birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We provide support for expectant moms with pregnancy and childbirth education, herbal & nutritional wellness and physical support at your birth. Specializing in home birth, we also bring the home birth feel in hospital and birth center settings.

Postpartum Care

The often-overlooked postpartum care is our passion. We provide postpartum education, newborn education, emotional & physical support and herbal & nutritional wellness. We also perform the traditional Moroccan bone closing ceremony.

Diaspora Death Doula

We provide support for those given a fatal diagnosis, in hospice and the sudden loss of life of a loved one. Whether you are looking for spiritual support or resources to make final arrangements we hold space during your time of loss. Sacred indigenous rituals, prayers & affirmations ceremonies are available.


The Womb Centre


The Womb Centre is a self-care healing space where we provide the tools and resources needed for your healing journey.

This is not meant to be misconstrued as licensed therapy treatment or care.

Womb Steams, Bone Closing Ceremony, Trauma Release, Foot Detox & Restoration, Womb Massage, Yoga, Grounding & Meditation, Self-Care Healing Space.




    Your Journey Begins Here…

    Please reach out to us and let us know how we can best support you. It is our honor and purpose to serve.